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Beyond the Survey

Dream teams and corporate cultures are created.
Rethinkly empowers you to make critical employee engagement decisions based on qualitative data not just numbers.

"This was ground-breaking for our organisation.

This was the first time we really understood the fears and 

frustrations of our team."

Generate data-driven insights that unlock your employee engagement strategies.

Don’t be satisfied with half the story

Employee surveys are a great tool to gauge the “temperature” or “mood” of the workplace. The challenge is they leave many organisations with more questions than answers by only providing quantitative results.


Unlock your statistics

Running our Beyond the Survey programme on the back of an annual employee survey or providing directional insight between surveys, Rethinkly enables organisations to see straight into the heart of the challenge by gaining insights into people's feelings and thoughts.

Actionable qualitative insights 
Great cultures don’t happen by accident. HR and Leadership teams need well-rounded insights, not just statistics, to make informed decisions to take control of the evolution of their organisations.

HR becomes centre of wellbeing
With the ability to cross regions and even time zones, Rethinkly enables HR teams to gather insights from across the business at scale without leaving the office.

Take control of your organisational wellbeing.

Shine a spotlight on your inernal company dynamics.

  • Create the space for complex situations to be simplified visually.

  • Provide the permission to share difficult thoughts and feelings in a safe space.

  • Themes and anonymised narratives shared to support action planning.

Have questions?

How this works?


Rethinkly / your HR team

We meet and 'deep dive' into

  • survey summary

  • ideas you have

  • audience

  • approach


Agreed plan


Rethinkly / your employees

We run a number of online sessions

  • facilitated by us

  • employees describe their experiences visually!

  • captured in individual / co-created Rethinkly Worlds


Employees feels
'listened to'


Rethinkly / your HR team

We regroup to share
findings using

  • anonymised actual scenes

  • summary themes

This provide a basis for action.


New, actionable insights for HR

Thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected.

When you unlock your qualitative data sources you unlock your business.

Employee Engagement

Creative and often fun sessions provide rich qualitative data.


Roadmap data and feedback to improve employee performance.

Culture and Purpose

Employees feel listened too

"I matter. I feel valued."

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Getting a shared understanding and naming the ‘elephants in the room’ resulted in transformative and open conversations.

Play is one of the largest providers of telephony and mobile internet in Poland.... read more.

We're unique, we know.
But so is the value we provide.

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