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Four Best Practice
Team Coaching Approaches

Tips to Address the Low Productivity Epidemic.


Team productivity is the largest inhibitor to an organisation’s peak performance. Yet, within almost every organisation, you’ll find teams struggling to find their rhythm. As we start to acknowledge the importance of a more human-centric workplace, how we help unlock the human-to-human dynamic within our teams is becoming a key priority for ambitious HR and Coaching leaders. 


According to our research, 28% of team members said that the inability to communicate within the workplace has had the largest impact on productivity. And what’s more, 26% say when looking for a job, they prioritise company culture over salary.  How you address broken teams has far-reaching implications for your employee engagement, hiring as well as the bottom line.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The four challenges critical to unlocking potential

  • New authentic and empathetic approaches to address team dynamics

  • The power of the f-word, and the increasing demand for its influence.

Don't worry, it's PG rated. We're talking feelings!

Download today and discover four strategic tips and tactics to help talented teams unlock their potential.

See how global technology leader IBM Consulting, Hult EF Corporate Education, and the UK's National Health Service have already embraced Rethinkly to enhance leadership development, drive diversity, and improve patient care.

Ready to help your teams?

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