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The best way to experience the power of Rethinkly is to try it yourself!

Book a demo here with us or try it yourself:

How to get started:
  • Our one click demo will take you directly into one of our immersive worlds with one of our pre-designed experiences.

  • It launches Rethinkly in a new window.

  • It works best on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari on a desktop, laptop or iPad.

  • Using a headset or EarPods can enhance the experience.

What to expect:
  • It’s really easy to explore our Rehtinkly immersive world but if you’ve not tried gaming before you can discover how to use the controls in this video here.

  • It usually takes 15-20mins.

  • You choose the subject - you can reflect on things at work or in any other area in your life.

Choose your theme and discover the Rethinkly world!

My wellbeing
and resilience.

Heart symbol

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Difficult colleagues at work.

Road closed symbol

Discussing a difficult subject.

Bomb symbol

Thinking ahead
for my team.

Bridge symbol
What to look out for:
  • We've designed this space to help your thinking - a landscape with symbols so your brain can fill in the gaps.

  • No data is saved and you can change and delete anything at any point in the exercise.

  • This world is completely private - only you have access and it will be deleted afterwards.

Want to empower your team?

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