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Help all of your employees perform in real life with a scalable, low-cost digital solution.

An organisation can reach its goals and tap into its potential by developing its people. Rethinkly’s Digital solution enables businesses of all sizes to be strategic with their talent development, delivering benefits through reflection and visualisation at scale.


Technology and the metaverse now allow for effective human connections without the need for physical meetings making it easier than ever to support all your talent.

Build new connections or address difficult relationships.

Workplace conflict remains a fact of life. According to the CPID, a quarter of employees believe conflict at work is a 'common occurrence', with one in five employers saying the same. Using visualisation and self-reflection, Rethinkly is a tool for conflict prevention and can proactively manage conflicts and provide a safe space for resolution.

Work-life balance building.

Rethinkly helps teams achieve a healthy work-life balance, boosting productivity and performance, Through Lifestyle Reviews, Rethinkly builds teams of engaged employees. According to Tower Perrin's global survey, "Companies with high levels of employee engagement improved 19.2% in operating income while companies with low levels of employee engagement declined 32.7%."

Unlocking talent potential.

As part of personal development plans and coaching approaches, Rethinkly encourages team members to think about aspects of their life they usually don't have the time for. By exploring the question "who I am and how I might limit me," individuals can challenge the fixed beliefs that can get in the way of succeeding. Research by leading HR expert Josh Bersin, commissioned by General Assembly and Whiteboard Advisors, found "it can cost as much as six times more to hire from the outside than to build from within." By addressing soft skills as part of this process, organisations maximise their people investment.

Increasing complex problem-solving skills.

The significance of complex problem-solving abilities in the workplace cannot be overemphasised. Every job role has its problems. Your employees will face challenges that a Google search can't answer. Rethinkly empowers employees to make decisions and confidently tackle workplace challenges through analytical and creative thinking leaving them confident to rise to the increasing number of business challenges, tight deadlines, and changing variables.

Stress and Resilience building.

Stress and resilience building are crucial due to the global health epidemic of stress. In Great Britain alone, stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 17 million days lost due to work. A major cause of long-term absence, stress directly affects behaviour, performance and even relationships with colleagues. The business case has been made by Deloitte as well as others who found for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.

My personal development and career - looking ahead.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, visualisation is "the act of visualising something or someone" or "forming a picture of it in your mind". Using Rethinkly to explore the future and see life unfold from different perspectives lets your talent imagine the possibilities. As per Muhammad Ali's famous quote, "If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it."

Mindset, the game changer.

Cultivating the right mindset in team members is key for a competitive advantage and should be part of any reskilling or upskilling programmes. Beyond growth, Rethinkly empowers a strategic mindset, enabling employees to maximise skills, analyse approaches, and adapt plans. Roles in the future will require less routine and more 'figuring it out' or 'thinking it through'. 

Expanding innovation and creativity within your team.

To address the speed of change impacting all industries, you must instil new core competencies, not just new technology skills. There's a pressing need to offer tools that empower creativity and innovation rather than prescribe solutions. Innovation and creativity can be fostered within a team through Rethinkly's visualisation approach, unlocking unconscious connections and fostering the skills necessary for success in a constantly disrupted landscape.

"Immersive, insightfuls and gentle. Thank you"

Peter, IBM

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