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Delivered with Experience.

Transforming wellbeing

The ProReal software underpinning Rethinkly was designed by David Tinker as a powerful digital learning tool to help individuals think more deeply. He combined his expertise in storytelling, puppetry, psychodrama and coaching to create a unique opportunity to enhance wellbeing on a large scale. 

NHS clinicians have used ProReal to aid mental health treatment, while HR and L&D professionals in corporations have adopted it for corporate personal development.

A group of coworkers having a break and enjoing the conversation.
A woman smiling at a laptop using Rethinkly in the modern office space

A modern approach

All of our solutions are underpinned by the ProReal engine delivering dynamic benefits:

  • A high degree of immersion within a 3D animated environment - welcome to the metaverse!

  • The ability to create powerful scenes of users' thoughts and emotions.

  • Ease of perspective shifting driven by the user.

The tool itself is amazing and the team is extremely professional, knowledgeable and supportive.

Katarzyna Reinfuss Regional HR Director. Motorola

We have been developing and improving ProReal technology for over the past seven years with the mission to help people unlock the challenges facing them.

Quite simply the world has gotten way too complicated. The challenges we face—from climate change to wholesale business transformation—are massively complex.

They’re interconnected, highly fluid and full of ambiguity. Our normal mental models aren’t up to the task of thinking them through.

Visualisation helps us off-load these cognitive tasks to a physical space where we can work on them more systematically and collaboratively.

Discover more about the ProReal the Company and 'engine'.

The ProReal engine is built with users in mind 

  • 3D avatar-based technology creates a unique space to visualise and imagine solutions

  • Sophisticated visual perspectives let you zoom around your metaverse and experience other points of view

  • Easy technical integration - one click to launch means your Rethinkly universe is never far away. As easy as a zoom or teams call you can create join spaces for teams to learn and engage.

  • A wide range of off-the-shelf learning experiences ready to use empowering your organisations today. No painful onboarding, get your teams helps when they need it immediately.

Conversation of two coworkers over the laptop showing the rethinkly scene with avatars and symbols

Rethinkly imagines a world where everyone can unlock their best thinking through the power of visualisation.

Empower your teams today!

Meet the team.

We’re a group of like-minded individuals with a common goal: to provide your users with a high-quality immersive experience.
ur culture is one of trust, learning and collaboration. We’re driven by user feedback and are always looking for new, innovative ways to improve our product.

Get started with Rethinkly, today.

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