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Your accessibility matters to us. This statement is about the steps we take to make our website and software accessible to all. To report problems with accessing our software please contact us.


Where we use images on our website, alternative descriptive text is available to screen readers.


Video and audio on both website and hubs can be started and stopped using a pointer, touch, keyboard or keyboard alternatives. Videos used in our application (Guides) always present a text alternative. Alternative text for video used on our website will be added soon.

Navigation and controls

Links on our websites and hubs can be navigated using a pointer, touch, keyboard or keyboard alternatives. For help navigating the software, please visit our help section. Unfortunately, some features in the application don't yet support a keyboard option, specifically adding new avatars and symbols. We plan to add this functionality later this year.

Accessibility Guidelines

Our intention (where practical) is to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard as described here.

Areas for improvement

The following list those areas where our website and application don't yet meet WCAG guidelines, and our areas for improvement:

  • Text caption alternatives for website audio and video media

  • Alternative to pointer/touch for adding avatars and symbols to the application

  • Making keyboard navigation more obvious for highlighted links

Reporting difficulties with accessibility to us

To report accessbility issues or to comment on this statement please contact us.

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