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Innovate user experiences

No VR headset required.

Transforming learning experiences through the power of visualisation.

Rethinkly is a unique learning, development and digital coaching tool that provides a secure digital space for your clients to do their best thinking.

Content and sessions that were once static, 2D and boring become visual, immersive and engaging.

Instant visualisation capabilities for Learning Technology market leadership

Our five products are all designed to integrate seamlessly, delivering instant competitive advantage. Meet your customer's evolving needs and reduce dropouts instantly.

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Rethinkly StoryMaker

Expand your product offering without complexity

  • Plug and play, no download or headset required.

  • Immersive metaverse-like experiences designed for everyone using standard laptops and tablets.

  • Simple white-labelled solutions gives you instant product expansion.

  • Secure and data driven. Data insights with a simple click of a button.

Backed by science

Our methodology has been independently reviewed. Perspective taking and visualisation all in an evidence driven approach.


  • Rigorous academic testing proves that Rethinkly can help drive positive change by providing the space for deeper thinking.


  • Taking new perspectives and externalising thoughts and feelings provides new insights and agency for users.


  • Building exercises which allow users to freely express themselves increases the power of blended / independent learning.

  • Simple and effective innovation that gives your clients instant access to more powerful moments of growth and insights.


  • Symbols and metaphors help users tell their story.

As seen in

Expand your tool set with us today

Cost-effective plug & play white-labled solutions

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