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As well as successful use of Rethinkly software by commercial organisations, many clinicians have found benefits using Rethinkly in health and social care settings.

Good mental health is important to us all. We know too that staff and service-user relationships and good communication really make a difference to outcomes. And for many people, it can be difficult to talk about experiences, to find the words to express feelings.

We have been successful in two of NHS England’s SBRI Healthcare programmes – finding new technology solutions to unmet needs. We’ve now worked with over 10 NHS Foundation Trusts and were part of the Global Digital Exemplar programme – we are incredibly proud of the work we do with the NHS.

Here are a few headlines from that work, and what people say:

Encouraging self-reflection in secure settings

When I was a kid I didn’t want to listen to some woman from the education welfare or from social services telling me you didn’t listen, you didn’t (do) stuff. I wasn’t interested in what they were saying but, you know, if you are actively doing something in front of you it is a completely different situation, so it’s useful.

Participant, Category B prison

Wellbeing intervention for young people

Participants reported enhanced levels of self-expression, new insights, development of empathy and the ability to build stronger relationships. 

Independent research from schools study Prof. Mick Cooper, Dr Biliana van Rijn (from a study involving 54 young people in 8 schools)

Staff training and team reflective practice

I enjoy helping people to reflect and hearing more from people, the…the curiosity, the fact that it enhances that.

NHS Trainer and Facilitator

I like the way that it just gives you that 3D visualised space where you’ve put it out there with all the symbols and it really help to free up your brain space, not to be holding all the different concepts.

NHS Nurse

It helps you to be a little bit more honest - it made a difficult conversation a little bit easier.

NHS clinician
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, published evaluation report.

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