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Supporting young people's mental health.

We first met the team from Off The Record in Bristol back in 2015 and we were immediately impressed – they support young people with their psychological wellbeing and play a crucial role in the community, health and social care system. OTR have always been at the forefront of digital interventions - online is where their clients are sometimes most comfortable.


Since then, the OTR team have used Rethinkly for 1:1, group and staff interactions. They’ve use Rethinkly to support so many young people with their everyday difficulties, and have integrated its use into the services they offer. In 2021, they adopted a self-help offering and our avatars made the local news a year later.

It allows young person to work creativelly with their psychological experience. I have not seen any other piece of software that has been able to offer for a young people as much freedom and control as Rethinkly.

John McGuirk – OTR counserlor and supervisor


OTR also pioneered a ‘train the trainer’ approach which now gives them the capability to train new counsellors and support workers as they are recruited. 


We remain incredibly proud to be supporting this team and the important work they do.

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