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Focus on Wellbeing.

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Times are tough. And tougher for some more than others.

Watching the news can be overwhelming too. As we wrestle with the lasting impact of COVID-19, add in climate change or concerns about a global conflict or worry how we’re going to pay the bills, our brains understandably struggle to do their best thinking. The rise in mental health issues in the workplace suggests this issue isn’t getting any better.

Or perhaps it is – this recent article from HR News suggests that organisations are now taking mental health seriously. And why wouldn’t they – when the analysis shows that for every £1 spent, they get £5 back.

But this is all our jobs too. Workplace culture affects every employee and every employee affects it.

So that’s what’s behind our latest initiative. Firstly, we’re running these live sessions over the next few weeks:

  • Struggling? Discover how you can find better balance and bring a more relaxed and joyful 'you' to work.

  • Stress? Shift perspectives and see things from a distance.

  • Relationship problem? Find new ways to release or resolve tensions within team dynamics.

And secondly, we’ve built a new Wellbeing Hub – we call it the Feeling Alive Hub. It means that employees can access short, and hopefully fun, guided exercises on a range of topics.

So, what can we all do about this issue? Well, our ask is that you sign up here – and send this link to your colleague in the HR team. Together we can make a difference...

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