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Looking after ourselves in Mental Health Awareness Week

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What we got up to during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Last week provided a fantastic opportunity for many to step back and reflect on their own mental health as we hosted a series of free of charge daily workshops.

A team of coaches and facilitators co-created detailed structure and flow for 5 specific workshops, each one with a different theme:

  1. Monday - What am I like at asking for help and taking breaks?

  2. Tuesday - Lifestyle check in – eating, drinking and keeping active

  3. Wednesday - Be part of a nourishing and supportive community

  4. Thursday - Talking about feelings

  5. Friday - Accept who you are and do more of what you’re good at!

Participants used the Zoom video conferencing and ProReal visualisation technology for the sessions, so each person created their own private 3D world to reflect on the topic and explore perspectives.

The feedback from participants was very positive! Here is some of the vibe:

The topic of help/breaks was kicked into the long grass when I was invited to take another party’s perspective. THAT was powerful, scary, all of that.
It was a great experience. Especially thanks to practice of: naming, giving posture and thoughts. I have discovered a little treasure which was hidden in my thoughts for years.
Thank you for a wonderful, nurturing week!

So a huge THANK YOU to all the collaborators to make this happen:

  • The Elevate Partnership helps business reinvent their leadership culture.

  • IBM is a multinational technology company supporting digital transformations for its clients.

  • OTR is a mental health charity and social movement providing mental health support, education and community development for young people.

  • PNA provides leadership development, training and team building services to corporate clients.

  • Zena Me is a global leadership development company providing coaching, facilitation and team development services.

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