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Non-Violent Communications. What today's world really needs.

The teams from Rethinkly™ and Fokus Empathie™ are excited to share news of their recent collaboration.

Combining Fokus Empathie’s extensive experience of Non Violent Communications (NVC) with Rethinkly’s innovative visualization technology, the teams have co-created both live session designs and self-help digital exercises to help remote users practice and build new communication skills.

This means that Focus Empathy can reach new audiences and be a pioneer in their use of immersive technologies. Now launched, more detail on these sessions and webinars is available here.

Michal Wizental, who coordinated the work, said:

We’ve created powerful and engaging experiences around the NVC content. It has been a lot of fun creating those immersive exercises, and was done with a lot of trust of what each party brings. I am sure a lot of people will have both fun and new powerful insights out of them.

Benedikt Loser, Focus Empathie’s CEO said:

The technology provided by Rethinkly/ProReal offers easy ways to enter the field of NVC but much more importantly it delivers emotionally touching experiences. This is essential for any personal development.

Andrew Jackson, ProReal Ltd CEO, said:

It continues to be a pleasure working with the Fokus Empathie team. I am hugely impressed with how they’ve tailed our technology for their audience and to support their ambitious business goals.

A joint release from Fokus Empathie GmbH, Switzerland and Rethinkly / ProReal Ltd, UK

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