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Support during Covid.

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Lesley Simpson – Gray is a Psychotherapist who has quickly adapted to the inability to have face to face conversations and interactions with her clients and so is using ProReal to overcome this, yet still creating the same depth and tackling issues efficiently.

She says...

"With so many children and young people returning to school, or adults returning to work, here's how therapists can use ProReal to bring metaphors to life and connect to the feeling of being stuck, in conflict and struggling to function during the recent lockdowns...
...See how it becomes easier to imagine what it's like to collapse and stall when you want to move on with life. You can speak to clients or add yourself to join them in their virtual world. By responding to the feeling of being isolated, clients feel seen, heard and supported."

This text supports a video that Lesley created showing how she has been using ProReal to connect with and support her clients during lockdown, take a look at here.

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