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Rethinkly – launches to transform how we manage workplace and mental health challenges.

Updated: Mar 29

Humanity has long engaged with visual communication before “language”, yet contemporary society is preoccupied with the verbal and written word as its primary mode of communication. However, this transition hasn’t evolved without issues – a staggering 81% of employees feel like miscommunication is common in the workplace.

Highlighting the acute struggle people face when trying to articulate their feelings, Mind states that 20 million UK adults never speak about their mental health issues.

Rethinkly launches today, using a virtual world to help people express themselves authentically. The platform is set to transform how managers, therapists, life coaches and others can resolve workplace and mental health challenges, leveraging real-world experiences, in the context of virtual freedom.

This was originally published on 3rd of March 2023. For the full article click here:

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