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Rethinkly as an intervention to break through persistent barriers within and between teams as part of an organisational change process.

One European Energy Management branch of global energy company Siemens needed to create more internal synergy in order to better support new sales and large contracts. To achieve this an organisational change was proposed by Siemens headquarters. For the branch HR Business partner, the major challenge for this change was the need to engage with the entire team. Rethinkly partner Pathways Consulting were invited to improve the change experience and its outcomes, and Rethinkly were commissioned to create a software-enabled intervention.

Pathways interviewed 16 managers, leaders and workers about their perception of the proposed organisational change and used this data to inform the structure of facilitated work-groups held with the entire team.

While using Rethinkly we needed to open up discussion on some topics so we decided to share the scenarios we’d created in Rethinkly with the rest of the team. We hit the bull’s eye with it! The visualisation was a catalyst for an open discussion. Rethinkly helped us understand and see where we are.

Mariusz Kondraciuk – Siemens EM Branch

A workshop based process involving the senior management team identified trust and communication issues, which were thought to be having a significant impact on branch morale and performance. To transform this culture and ensure the success of the process, a simultaneous project was initiated using a bespoke Rethinkly software-based intervention.

Following a 15-minute familiarisation session, the branch manager was asked to create a scene in the Rethinkly landscape in response to the question, ‘Where are we now, as a team in this transition?’ The session effectively created a systemic view of the organisation which we suggested should be shared with the entire team for feedback and dialogue.

A workshop was planned in which the scene created by the managers would be shared and explained to the whole team. With the scene displayed on a large screen the team began to relate to and discuss the narrative and gradually to talk directly to each other, sharing previously guarded opinions and needs.

This new openness catalysed by the Rethinkly intervention was a foundation for a fresh culture of openness within the branch; the change in organisation structure had greatly improved outcomes as a result.

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