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Getting a shared understanding and naming the ‘elephants in the room’ resulted in transformative and open conversations.

Play is one of the largest providers of telephony and mobile internet in Poland.

The client wanted to improve the quality of cooperation between the regions and the headquarters in the area of customer support.  

Selected representatives from the regions participated in an hour-long online ‘focus-group’ session in which they created visual narratives of how they saw cooperation.

The representations and symbols allowed the main relationship ‘dynamics’ to be safely set out – and it showed the key issues. A one-minute video was made of each session.

All 5 films were presented at a joint meeting. The stories appealed, even though they depicted some challenging issues. There was a lot of laughter and reflection, and ‘elephants in the room’ were shown in a light and accessible way. The solutions to the actual issues were clear too.

The initial tension turned into a positive, open dialogue. The established action plan helped bring the company's values to life.

'It was an eye-opener to realize how things are seen by our remote offices.'

HR lead

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