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Getting the most of remote and office work.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

According to some new research from The Office for National Statistics (ONS), around one in five Londoners are working remotely after the pandemic, while four out of ten balance working from home with going to the office. It seems that the hybrid workforce isn't going away anytime soon. Hybrid working comes with a whole host of positives and negatives, just like any other model. What is key is to figure out the challenges your specific organisation is facing and then put in the suitable mechanisms across the organisations - not just at the executive level - to help everyone cope with the challenges they are experiencing. There is a lot of other great advice in this article by William Mata in the Evening standard. We think it's great that people are debating the pros and cons of different work approaches. Suppose you think about how long the concept of "work" has been around. In that case, it's really only in recent times that organisations even acknowledged the importance of their talent, and only now is the idea that their mental wellbeing and lifestyle might actually impact businesses. It was great to be included in this article along with some other really great insight. We'd also suggest that it can benefit every organisation to review how their staff members feel about working for you. Whilst employee surveys are a good starting point, digging deeper for valuable qualitative data is powerful. Getting team members to share their beliefs, feelings, and attitudes in a safe and open environment and providing valuable qualitative data will point you in the right direction as to where your particular organisation needs to keep an eye on or take steps to address. If you're interested in knowing more after reading the article, do get in touch, you can contact us here - we'd love to show you how powerful a solution like ours can be in gathering insight. New problems require new solutions, and businesses should rely on something other than old HR processes or approaches to deal with these new ways of working. We need to think about how we leverage technology differently, not just to be an enabler of hybrid working but to support the health of the organisations and culture in this new flexible world.

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