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Meeting about the meetings? Step back with us and gain insights.

During our last webinar, hosted by Andrew Jackson, Rethinkly’s CEO, we asked for learnings and tips about good team meetings our four different experts. We had different perspectives on the subject and the vibrant discussion.

We believe this is important subject – the ugly truth about meetings is that 50% are still considered a waste of time. A whopping 71% of managers and employees believe meetings are unproductive. This is creating a staggering financial toll on our organisations.

We’re in the era when new technology and hopes around it, digital natives dynamics and new ways of working are providing opportunity to change the face of meetings.

This discussion combines best practices informed by both psychology and technology. If quality meetings matter to you, don’t miss it.

Thank you:

@Paul Maltby – European Learning Leader, IBM Consulting.

@Lucy Ball – Consultant, Coach, Facilitator & Therapist; Lucy Ball Consulting.

@Michal Plominski – Software Engineering Manager; Motorola Solutions.

@Sascha Evans – Founder and Creative Director; We the Creators.

For sharing your valuable perspectives with us!

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