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ProReal powers new metaverse tool for workers’ mental health.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

ProReal, an enterprise grade software visualisation platform used by the likes of the NHS and IBM, is scaling to become a mental health tool, available to all workplaces.

The platform, now rebranded as Rethinkly, claims to enable safe communications in a virtual world with managers, therapists, life coaches and peers, by removing all real-world refences and creating a neutral, virtual space designed to inspire autonomy of expression.

Staff can create avatars through which they can express emotion and gestures, enabling detachment for reflection and transparent communication in situations where they may otherwise have felt uncomfortable expressing feelings or opinions.

While the software has been available as an enterprise tool since 2013 for developing and coaching visualisation sessions, the firm has decided to rebrand the tool as Rethinkly, to help with workplace and mental health challenges.

The software can either be used under expert direction or directly by staff following a “just a few minutes” of training.

According to Rethinkly co-founder Andrew Jackson, the platform uses a combination of insight from practitioners, academia and case studies to help visualise and process issues they are going through.

“The brain works predominantly visually, so by giving people a visual tool that is 3D and has space and context, the process is more powerful,” said Jackson.

“Our work in mental health settings and with young people showed that tech can be used for good. Helping people build the skills in the digital world we need to thrive and prosper in the real world,” he added.

This was originally published on 16th of March 2023. For the full article click here:

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